7 major announcements from the Google Pixel 8 launch event


The most recent Pixel launch event that Google hosted is now over. Google nonetheless managed to include a few surprises, despite the fact that several of the devices it unveiled had been leaked well in advance.

The most significant announcements from the Made by Google event are listed below.

The pricing of the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro has increased, and the Pixel 8 Pro now has a temperature sensor

The Pixel 8 Pro has been formally introduced by Google and offers a number of improvements. This comprises a 48MP ultrawide camera, a 48MP telephoto lens with a 5x zoom, and an upgraded back camera array with a 50MP primary sensor. It also incorporates a Tensor G3 processor. Even better, when you pinch to zoom in, a new function called Zoom Enhance will allow you to add information to an image in the past.

Additionally, Google claims that you can use the temperature reader included with the Pixel 8 Pro to precisely take the temperature of objects, surfaces, and eventually, maybe even your own body. The flagship smartphone will have a peak brightness of 2,400 nits and LTPO technology, but it will still have the same 6.7-inch display as its predecessor.

With all those extra capabilities, the Pixel 8 Pro costs $100 more than the Pixel 7 Pro, with a starting price of $999. It is preorderable right now and available in light blue, black, and porcelain. It is anticipated that shipping will begin on October 12.

A smaller but more powerful Pixel 8

Google’s G3 Tensor processor has been added to the new Pixel 8, improving its performance. The phone has a slightly smaller 6.2-inch OLED display than its predecessor. This display has an improved 120Hz refresh rate with a peak brightness of 2,000 nits, while not being LTPO like the Pixel 8 Pro.

The Pixel 8 will also include a dual camera arrangement consisting of a 12MP ultrawide and an improved 50MP primary camera. Magic Editor and Best Take, two new AI-powered editing tools in Google Photos, will be available to both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

Like the Pixel 8 Pro, the Pixel 8 is also getting a $100 price increase in spite of its smaller display, beginning at $699 (or $799 if you buy it via Verizon). Preorders for the Pixel 8 will open today, with shipment scheduled to begin on October 12th. The device will be available in rose, black, or hazel colors.

A faster CPU and more sensors are added to the Pixel Watch 2

Despite having a similar appearance to the original Pixel Watch, the Pixel Watch 2 is packed with upgrades. For example, its more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 CPU provides up to 24 hours of battery life—even with the always-on display switched on.

New skin temperature and continuous electrodermal activity sensors allow for automated recording of exercise start and end times for seven different activities in addition to a new stress-detecting feature. A new multi-path heart rate sensor on the Pixel Watch 2 collects your heart rate in additional locations and methods.

The Pixel Watch 2, which retails for $349.99 for the GPS model and $399.99 for the LTE one, is currently available for presale. Shipping is scheduled to begin on October 12th, and it will be available in silver and blue, silver and white, gold and hazel, and all-black combinations.

The Pixel Buds Pro now comes in new colors and features

Light blue and porcelain are two new hues for the Pixel Buds Pro that go with the Pixel 8 range. Google said that it is also releasing conversation detection, which will automatically pause your audio and switch on transparency mode when it senses that you are chatting. However, new colors aren’t the only upgrades coming to the buds.

With the inclusion of Bluetooth Super Wideband, which it claims should make you sound “fuller and clearer,” Google is also attempting to enhance the quality of voice calls. Additionally, Google’s Clear Calling feature—which lowers background noise during calls—will work with the Buds Pro. There will be a firmware upgrade soon that has both functions.

Preorders for the new blue and porcelain Pixel Buds Pro are open today, and they will retail for $199.99, the same price as the other hues in the range.

The arrival of Android 14

With enhanced passkey support, a new health tracking function, and several customization tweaks, Android 14 is officially here. With Android 14, a cool personalization option is AI wallpaper generation, which lets you make a new backdrop by only describing a picture.

Pixel phones 4A 5G and newer will be the first to get the most recent version of Google’s operating system; phones from other manufacturers, including as Samsung, Nothing, and OnePlus, will get support “later this year.”

Seven years of software updates for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro

Google has said that it would provide seven years of “OS, security, and Feature Drop updates” for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro in conjunction with their debut. Users of Pixel 8 may anticipate receiving upgrades till 2030, according to this. On prior Pixel devices, Google used to only provide up to five years of security upgrades and three years of Android updates.

Google Assistant with Bard AI

Google is introducing Assistant with Bard, an AI-enhanced personal assistant that will be available for iOS and Android users “in the coming months.” In addition to helping you discover information in your email inbox, make grocery lists, and caption photos, the tool will interact with Google’s apps, such as Gmail and Docs.

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