Project Primrose: Adobe’s new design-changing dress helps you get a wardrobe makeover with twist

As people who are passionate about fashion, we have long been intrigued by the idea of a garment that can change both its color and its design. This would free us from the need to stock our closet with a large number of different dresses. However, the day has come, or will come, very soon, when this fantasy will become a reality. Surprisingly, several businesses have already begun working on it...

According to Harvard, anyone can rename it’s medical school for $1 billion

Is there a billion bucks dwindling in your pocket? Harvard has the solution.According to The Crimson, the student newspaper at Harvard, The Harvard Corporation, which bills itself as the “oldest corporation in the Western Hemisphere,” has listed the naming rights to Harvard Medical School for sale. The organization is requesting a small, unrestricted donation of $1 billion in exchange...

Examining the potential for job losses due to artificial intelligence

As technology advances, it is becoming increasingly important to consider the potential for job losses due to artificial intelligence (AI). AI has the potential to replace human labor in many industries, leading to a decrease in the number of available jobs. This article will examine the potential for job losses due to AI, the impact it could have on the economy, and how individuals and...


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