A startup wants to manufacture drugs in space using robots

Microgravity might hold the key to developing novel pharmaceuticals. With its robot-run orbital pharmaceutical lab, a business co-founded by a SpaceX veteran wants to kickstart the future of space manufacturing. The major advantage of Varda’s strategy, according to Bloomberg in a feature of the Los Angeles-based Varda Space Industries, is that atoms and molecules behave differently under...

It doesn’t seems like ChatGPT’s startup is going all that well

Although while ChatGPT’s startup is still operating, it appears to be somewhat of a mess from the outside. Recap: Around two weeks ago, Jackson Greathouse Fall, a self-described “AI soothsayer,” tweeted that he would be starting what he called the #HustleGPT challenge. In essence, Fall would ask ChatGPT to launch a business with a $100 investment. He would receive guidance from...


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