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Doctors invent new way to 3D print inside the body

Researchers from Harvard Medical School and Duke University claim to have created a novel method for 3D printing within the human body by using ultrasonic waves to irradiate an injectable biocompatible ink. The team’s study expands on a previously created photo-sensitive ink that hardens when exposed to light beams, as described in a recent publication published in the journal Science. This...

Project Primrose: Adobe’s new design-changing dress helps you get a wardrobe makeover with twist

As people who are passionate about fashion, we have long been intrigued by the idea of a garment that can change both its color and its design. This would free us from the need to stock our closet with a large number of different dresses. However, the day has come, or will come, very soon, when this fantasy will become a reality. Surprisingly, several businesses have already begun working on it...

The next Snapdragon X series from Qualcomm plans to compete with Apple M series

With the launch of the Snapdragon X series, Qualcomm has renamed its PC platform. This is a significant shift from the chipmaker’s 2018 introduction of the Snapdragon 8cx architecture. Examine the upcoming actions that Qualcomm has planned. In the quest to “revolutionize the next generation of PC experiences,” the Snapdragon X series represents a positive development. Improved...

7 major announcements from the Google Pixel 8 launch event

The most recent Pixel launch event that Google hosted is now over. Google nonetheless managed to include a few surprises, despite the fact that several of the devices it unveiled had been leaked well in advance. The most significant announcements from the Made by Google event are listed below. The pricing of the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro has increased, and the Pixel 8 Pro now has a temperature sensor The...

Microsoft is considering tiny nuclear reactors because it needs so much power to train their AI

Large language model training is a very power-intensive procedure with a high carbon footprint. Data centers need an absurdly high amount of electricity to function, which, depending on where that energy comes from, might result in significant greenhouse gas emissions. According to The Verge, Microsoft is now planning to move forward with a plan to power them using nuclear reactors since it is...

Meta Connect 2023: Quest 3 VR, Ray-Ban smart glasses and Meta AI explained

With the opening of Meta’s annual Connect conference today, a ton of new gear is available. A Meta Quest 3 update is coming soon; are you ready? Not enough time to tune in live? It is acceptable; we have included a summary of the essential points from the keynote below. plus what was absent as well. Naturally, we mean the metaverse when we say that. Meta Quest 3 Think of this as a special...

Unlocking the potential of quantum computing in the modern world

Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize the modern world. By leveraging the power of quantum mechanics, it can solve complex problems in a fraction of the time of traditional computing. This could revolutionize fields such as healthcare, finance, and artificial intelligence.

Unlocking the benefits of MacBooks for business growth

MacBooks offer a range of features that can help businesses grow. From enhanced security to improved collaboration tools, the MacBook's features can help businesses increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer service. With the right strategy, businesses can unlock the full potential of the MacBook and reap the rewards of increased growth.


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